How to create a Twitter Popup?

Twitter allows you to share so many elements such as a collection, a tweet, a profile, a list, a moment, a timeline, a handle, or a hashtag. We can create a popup with any of the elements. You just have to visit the page ( and select what you want to share and Twitter will give a code that will allow you to create a twitter popup with your desired element. Just follow these steps to create a beautiful and tweety Popup.

  1. Select where you want to show this Popup.
  2. Choose HTML Popup.
  3. Choose a layout which will be best suited for your Twitter Popup.
  4. Select an Activation Mode from which your popup will trigger.
  5. Add a suitable heading and body text (Code in this case) for your Twitter Popup.
  6. Choose the position of the side button and select none if you want it set on Auto Popup.
  7. Select the Popup animations.
  8. Select a Colour Scheme that matches the accents of your website.
  9. Then configure any advanced options that you require
  10. Click on the update button and Voila your popup has been created.
  11. Go to the desired page and check out how the Twitter popup makes your website more attractive.

Note: We know this can get confusing because it has a lot of steps and takes a little time but our team is happy to help, Contact Us, and we’ll make sure that you can create your desired twitter popup.

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