Developers Note

Slick Popup Pro is aimed to provide you with a plugin that fulfill all your needs for popups, opt-ins and enquiry forms in WordPress based websites, and we will keep updating it with the features that will keep you go longer with the awesome features of the plugin.

We will continue to develop new features in the plugin and keep developing the documentation as will be required.

Install & Setup

The quickest method for installing the plugin is:

Install via FTP

How to configure?

The configuration of plugin has been made easier with an easy to use options. Just install the plugin and set it up with few clicks.

Need us to setup?

If you think you can not do it yourself, just us poke us at: and we will be happy to setup the plugin for a little cost.

Plugin Options

Configuration Settings

  1. To enable the Automatic Updates, you need to purchase the Code from CodeCanyon
  2. Switch the Plugin Status Enable / Disable
  3. Choose the Contact Form 7 form to be used in the popup
  4. Choose the Display of the popup form => Everywhere / selected pages / not selected pages
  5. Enable / Disable the Plugin on Mobile View
  6. Keep or Delete Plugin setting after uninstalllation
  7. Save Changes
  1. Choose Popup Layout => Full / Centered
  2. Choose Popup Corners => square / rounded / set your own
  3. Choose Popup Coloured Scheme as one of our pre-defined color schemes
  4. Choose your own popup colour
  5. Choose Popup Heading and Description settings
  6. Choose Appearance of the formSubmit button => use styles from theme / inherit from color scheme / set your own colors
  7. Save Changes
  1. Choose how to Activate Popup (4 modes) => On-click / Auto Popup / On-scroll Popup / On-exit Popup
  2. Choose One of the Onloading Animation effect from the multiple effects list
  3. You can set the popup Onloadong Speed
  4. Choose One of the Unloading Animation effect from the multiple effects list
  5. You can set the popup Unloading Speed
  6. Save Changes

Side Button

  1. Choose the Positionof side button => Right / Left
  2. Choose the Button Textfor the side button
  3. Choose the Color schemefor the side button => inherit from color scheme / set your own
  4. Save Changes


  1. Choose the different Style for Heading font => Font Family / Font Weight & Style / Font Subsets / Font Size / Line Height / Font Color
  2. Choose the Call To Action font => Font Family / Font Weight & Style / Font Subsets / Text Align / Font Size / Line Height / Font Color
  3. Choose the Submit Button font => Font Family / Font Weight & Style / Font Subsets / Text Align / Font Size / Line Height / Font Color
  4. Choose the Side Button font => Font Family / Font Weight & Style / Font Subsets / Text Align / Font Size / Line Height / Font Color
  5. Save Changes

For The Developer

Filters Available

// How to use filters
function change_sppro_dollar( $show ) { $return=false;// set and return $show as per your need return $return; } add_filter( 'sppro_dollar_show', 'change_sppro_dollar' );
// sppro_dollar_cf7_id 
function change_sppro_cf7_id( $cf7_id ) { $return=XX; // ID of any CF7 form return $return; } add_filter( 'sppro_dollar_cf7_id', 'change_sppro_cf7_id' );
// sppro_dollar_side_button_text 
function change_sppro_button_text( $side_button_text ) { $return="Get a Quote"; // e.g. Enquire Now, Submit Enquiry, Contact Us return $return; } add_filter( 'sppro_dollar_side_button_text', 'change_sppro_button_text' );
// sppro_dollar_popup_heading 
function change_sppro_popup_heading( $popup_heading ) { $return="Reach Us"; // Control desired heading for the popup return $return; } add_filter( 'sppro_dollar_popup_heading', 'change_sppro_popup_heading' );
// sppro_dollar_cta_text 
function change_sppro_cta_text( $cta_text ) { $return="lorem ipsum besz"; // Control desired call-to-action text return $return; } add_filter( 'sppro_dollar_cta_text', 'change_sppro_cta_text' );
add_filter args
sppro_dollar_show $show (boolean)
sppro_dollar_cf7_id $cf7_id (int)
sppro_dollar_side_button_text $side_button_text (string)
sppro_dollar_popup_heading $popup_heading (string)
sppro_dollar_cta_text $cta_text (string)

Action Reference


Do popup look the same in every theme?

We tried to prepare HTML / CSS code for work regardless of the theme, but if you have a problem on your website, please contact us for assistance.

What version of WordPress I need?

Plugin will work in WP 3.2+. However, we recommend using the latest version.

How can I modify the appearance of popup?

You can do this while adding / editing popup in plugin panel, we have many options for customizing the appearance of the popup.

Is it possible to enable popup only for a selected page?

Yes, you can do it in Plugin settings, just check for the "Where to show" options in the settings

How to create two column form like demo?

Please use Paragraph (p tags) with 50% width. See right:

//use this for Two Column Form like demo
<div class="" style="overflow:hidden;">
<div class="" style="overflow:hidden;">
<p style="float:left;width:50%;padding-right:5px;">[text* fname placeholder "First Name"]</p>
<p style="float:left;width:50%;padding-left:5px;">[text* lname placeholder "Last Name"]</p>
<p style="float:left;width:50%;padding-right:5px;">[email* email placeholder "Email"]</p>
<p style="float:left;width:50%;padding-left:5px;">[tel* phone placeholder "Phone"]</p>
<p style="clear:both;display:block;">[textarea your-message placeholder "Message"]</p>
<p>[submit "SUBMIT"]</p>

Plugin make JS conflicts in my theme.

In case the plugin is conflicting with 'js' In your theme please send us an email at

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